As We Approach New Year’s Day My Main Prayer is for Clarity

2017 has come to end and for many of us this is a time of deep reflection. While some are preparing resolutions, others are taking on the new year with a different approach. Personally, I have never been big on new years resolutions. I know a lot of people say this but… if I wanted to change something I would have probably made that shift during the previous year. However, I do appreciate how the high energy that surrounds new year’s day could assist people in making the changes that they desire.

I pray for clarity on a daily basis, but I do so even harder as we approach new year’s day.

Praying for clarity is asking for the ability to see myself truly and fully. It is asking for the ability to not only know my worth, but to embody that knowledge. Embodying the knowledge of my self-worth means strengthening my inner magnetism. The more I realize myself the more I repel energies that try and subtract from that realization – the more I attract energies that build and strengthen the clarity that I desire.

The revelation can seem abstract unless you have first gone through a period of being invisible to yourself. This invisibility is often caused by our vision being clouded by insecurities, the impressions of others, and the impossible demands of the societies in which we live.

In 2017, after such a long period of invisibility, I saw myself… how my tired heart continued – how I held onto life with any part of my being that had grip – my joy – my love – my patience – my perseverance. The adjectives that my loved ones have kindly used to describe me in the past became words that I assigned to myself. I saw/see my beauty with my own eyes and it was/is glorious.

One of the most loving prayers that I can give to you, if you are not yet at this point, is that you receive this clarity. In return, I ask that you pray that I maintain my own.

Praying for clarity also means asking for the ability to see situations for what they are instead of what we dream them to be. For me, this form of clarity has always been the most difficult – how can you go back to being comfortable with a place, position, person etc when toxicity has been revealed? This year, I realized that even though the art of unseeing is difficult it was something that I was subconsciously striving for. Unseeing is not just for comfort – it is for coping. Our minds are magical in the sense that we can create whole lives for ourselves that quite simply do not exist. This function of our imagination can be useful temporarily, but there typically is a moment where it crumbles. How long can your dream of your life and relationships live alongside the reality of what is? Reality is great at infiltrating our imagined world(s). It will make you mad at first, but in hindsight you will be grateful for the saved time, and energy. The truth will hurt you and grow you simultaneously.

The clarity of the internal is complimentary with the external because when you truly see yourself and truly see what you are surrounded by your standards will change. People go to psychics, psychologists, and healers for clarity. Unfortunately, in each case the search for clarity often comes burdened with stigma, stereotypes and false representations in media. Not knowing is normalized because it is profitable and useful for those who survive off of our inability to see ourselves.

If you look closely at your own life you may realize that there is someone who “is always right” – an attribute that we often regard as wisdom, but could also be called clairvoyance. In my life, this clairvoyant figure has always taken the form of Black women. In some cases they receive their knowledge in dreams and at other times it has come to them in waking. I remember vividly the times where my mother would ask (tell) me not to go out because she had seen something that caused her to worry. I remember how despite being fully dressed and ready to go out I dropped my keys and sat back down. It is a clarity that you do not question. It is a clarity of protection.

I think many of us possess this power, but we ignore it, or are simply unaware that it exists.

Having clarity does not only mean being able to see negatives as they are – it also means being able to embrace the positives.

In 2017, I had so many moments where I cried simply because of gratitude. Even on my worst days, there were acts of beauty that restored my hope. I became so thirsty for life that each moment became worthy of celebration. Waking was a celebration and so was sleeping. I grew older and younger simultaneously. I looked at people longer and found people who, like me, were tired but determined to continue. Through exchanges as short as a moment of eye contact, or as long as 4 hour phone conversations, we carried each other –  it was beautiful.

I was able to see all of this because I had clarity.

These are some of the many reasons that I hope that next year is a year of greater clarity for all of us.

Clarity in how we see ourselves.

Clarity in how we see others.

Clarity in our relationships.

Clarity in our careers.

Mental clarity.

Spiritual clarity.

Happy new year everyone!

I am so glad that you are here and I am hopeful that this year will bring us even greater clarity.

1 Comments on “As We Approach New Year’s Day My Main Prayer is for Clarity”

  1. Beautifully put. It’s refreshing to see someone who accepts that some knowledge come without explanation. If you pray for it, the Lord with Grant you the desires of your heart in 2018. Ready yourself for Good times ahead!

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